A Dongtan, Suwon school needs 3 Great teachers March 1st (14 Expats)


Dongtan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Start date

-Start: March 1st (training the end of Feb for 1 week)


- Working hours: 9am~6pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday & 9am~6:40pm on Tuesday, Thursday
- Teaching hours: 9-10 classes (40min per class)


- Salary: 2.5~2.7 mil. KRW (depending on your experiences)

Age Group

Total number of FT

- Students: ECP (Korean Age 5-7) and ELE (Gr.1~6), Max. 12 students per class

FT: 14 (hiring 3 teachers)

Total number of KT


Accomodation Photos


- Benefits
1) Severance: Same as your salary when completing a one-year contract
2) Yearly holidays: Our school will follow Korean labor law, which will change as of 2021. You are entitled to 11 days of holidays for the first year of employment and 15 for the second year. The headquarters decided the dates for five days of summer and five days of winter vacation.
3) Flight fare: One-way return flight if flying from out of Korea; 100,000 KRW raise to your salary from the second year (Up to max. of 2.9mil. KRW)
4) Accommodation: Single housing (Studio type officetel within walking distance)
- Salary: 2.5~2.7 mil. KRW (depending on your experiences)
- Training & Workshops
1) 1 week: You will be trained by the current teacher or academic coordinator.
2) 2 Teachers' workshops yearly for professional development, which are organized by the headquarters are mandatory. (These did not take place in the year 2020 or 2021 due to Corona19.)
FT: 14 (hiring 3 teachers)
KT: 14

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