Afternoon schedule in Seongbuk Seoul (4-10 PM)


Seoul, South Korea

Start date

Start-March 1st (training at the end of February)


Monday to Friday (As per the teaching schedule, 4-5 working days are arranged.) - 16:00-22:00


2.35 - 2.60 million KRW (negotiable by teaching experience or major of candidates.)

Age Group

Total number of FT

grade 3- grade 9 (High rank /Great attitude and eager to learn)

15 foreign instructors work for the school,, and most want to extend their contracts.

Total number of KT


Accomodation Photos


-Housing: Fully furnished single Housing is provided (Rent free )

-50% health insurance etc. paid by the company

- Severance Payment (1-month salary upon the successful completion of 1-year contract)

-Airfare up to 1.2 million KRW provided

-Visa sponsored

-1 Week of Paid leave

-Before teaching, you must complete the Instructor Training Program for 1week in length. We are a branch of a major school chain, a publicly-traded company, and a leader in English education in Korea. The company has over 100 locations, 40,000 students, and over 1,000 trained instructors throughout Korea. With innovative Smart Classroom technology and a comprehensive pre-developed curriculum. We offer free training and a pre-developed curriculum. Our branch in Central Seoul is experiencing excellent growth.

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