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Huge School in Incheon City (Bupyeong)- March 1st Start date (18 Expats)


Bupyeong-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, South Korea

Start date

February/March 2024


9:00 to 6:00 OR 1:00 to 9:00


2.4 million won + up (Depends on experience)

Age Group

Total number of FT

Kindergarten + elem OR elem+ some MS/HS


Total number of KT


Accomodation Photos


Huge School in Incheon City (Bupyeong)- Sep 1st Start date (18 Expats)
Location: Bupyeong Station
Teacher: Three-five native teachers (3-5 teachers)
Starting date: FEB/MAR
Working hours: 9:00 to 6:00 or 1:00 to 9:00
Teaching Age group: Kindergarten to elementary age
Salary: 2.4 million won + up (Depends on experience)
Vacation: 11 working days
Currently, 18 native English teachers are working.
Standard benefits: One-way airfare, free housing, 50% national pension, 50% medical insurance, and Severance pay is provided.
Total number of FT: 18 (hiring 3-5 teachers)
Total number of KT: 18
Job post:
To Apply:

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