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Congratulations on having accepted a contract with a school in Korea! TEIK will gladly assist you with your placement, visa, and arrival process. We will also help you after you arrive in Korea to give advice and be there for you if you need assistance. Below, you will find a detailed step-by-step guide to assist you with how to get an E2 Visa.

If you haven’t applied for a job in Korea yet and are just researching how to do the visa process for Canadians, please fill out our two-minute online application. It only takes one to two minutes to complete, and we will get back to you ASAP. We recommend watching our Teach in Korea webinar to understand better what it is like to teach in Korea here:

Step 1: Gathering the E2 Visa Documents

The first step in this exciting process is to collect and verify your documents. Below we have broken down the specific steps for each document. You will need all of them completed before moving on to step 2.

1. University Degree

a. You must begin organizing the following documents before you get a job offer.

b. A University Degree (a copy notarized and apostille notarized (changed in January 2024- Canada joined the Apostille Hague Agreement in 2023). Note: Korean immigration usually doesn’t accept original degrees because documents are not returned after submission. You will submit a photocopy of your degree that is notarized by a public notary (a lawyer) and has an Apostille notarization).

· must be a four-year Bachelor’s degree (at minimum) in any discipline (not from a university in Quebec)

· must be from an accredited university

· to get a notarized copy with Korean Consulate Authentication:

* Make a photocopy.

* Have the copy notarized by a notary public (a lawyer in Canada).

* Send or take the notarized copy of the diploma to the closest regional apostille

2. University Transcripts

a. University transcripts are not required anymore, but it is better to have them for just in case.

3. Criminal Record Check (CRC)

a. Follow this link for information on how to apply for a Canadian RCMP CRC:

4. Health Statement

a. This is a simple questionnaire form from the Korean government on which you answer the questions. Once you arrive in Korea, a complete blood test (drug test) and physical exam will be administered.

b. The test will include testing for marijuana, narcotics, prescription medications, TB, HIV, and other infectious diseases. Even if your state has legalized marijuana if you test positive for it in Korea, you will have your visa revoked, your employment contract canceled, and you must leave Korea at your own expense.

5. Passport Photocopy

a. It is a photocopy of the information page of your passport and signature page.

b. Make sure you have at least six months on your passport before it expires.

c. Make sure there is at least one empty page in your passport

6. Resume

a. Print a copy of your resume (sign the resume).

7. Signed Copy of School Contract

a. The contract will be provided to you by e-mail once you agree to it and the school accepts you as their teacher. We can obtain a signed copy from the school to email you.

8. Four Passport-Sized Photos

a. These are standard passport photos – the same that you would need for a new passport.

b. The photos must not be older than six months.

Step 2: Send your Documents to Korea (Visa Issuance Number [VIN])

Checklist of Required Documents:

1. Notarized copy of your degree with Apostille

2. Notarized National Criminal Record Check with Apostille

3. Health check statement

4. Photocopy of the information page of your passport

5. Copy of your resume

6. Signed copy of your school contract

7. Two passport-sized photos

Please send your documents by FedEx, DHL, or UPS only! Do not send by Canada Post or Purolator. You cannot track your documents in Korea; if they are lost, you won’t be able to find them or know when they will be delivered. Please keep your shipping invoice with the tracking number and also let us know the tracking number since the school will be eager to know where your package is and when they can expect it.

After your documents arrive in Korea (or they will apply online with scans of your documents saves a week on the processing time), your school will apply at Immigration in Korea to get a “Confirmation of Visa Issuance Number [VIN]” for you. Within 5-10 working days (sometimes up to 15 working days during peak season), the Immigration Office will issue a Confirmation of the Visa Issuance Number [VIN]. The VIN is also called a Visa Reservation Number or Visa Confirmation Number. The VIN will have four letters and eight numbers (ex: UG-BO 0500-4085).

The school will give us the VIN, and we will email it to you with detailed instructions on how to finish it. You will need this VIN to insert it on your E2 visa application in step 3.

Step 3: Submit the Application to the Korean Consulate

Once you have your Visa Issuance Number [VIN], it is time to FedEx/UPS/DHL or take your application and supporting documents to the nearest Korean Consulate. **Check the links below to determine which office has jurisdiction for your province.

Required Documents to Apply for an E2 Teaching Visa at the Korean Consulate

· Completed E2 Visa Application Form

· Passport: Make sure you have your passport ready, that there is six months validity left on it, and that there are at least two empty pages. Make sure it’s signed, too.

· Photo: You must send a passport picture with your application or a picture that is 2 inches by 2 inches.

· Confirmation of Visa Issuance Number: Fill in the reservation number in the appropriate section of the application form.

· Fee: Please always contact the consulate at the time of applying to confirm the fee and accepted payment methods

Please call the consulate to familiarize yourself with their procedures.

Each consulate differs slightly from the others and has different processing times (from a few days to a few weeks). Please check with the Consulate when you can expect the finished visa and update the school and us about the expected processing time. If you didn’t go in person, call the consulate to ensure they received your documents and find out when your visa will be ready.

After receiving your passport and your E2 visa from the Korean Consulate, you are ready to begin your adventure in Korea!


Toronto Korean Consulate (Ontario (except Ottawa) and Manitoba)

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