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How to obtain an apostille notarization in 1-2 business days in the USA for an FBI CRC or a diploma.

Updated: Mar 16

If you are an American and you need an apostille notarization for an FBI criminal record check (CRC) or for your copy of a BA degree to obtain an E2 teaching visa in S. Korea, go to Monument Visa Services is located in Virginia near Washington DC. If you want an apostille on your documents in 1-2 business days follow the steps below.

1. Fill out the application on the link above (Contact Information).

2. Fill out the return Shipping Information

3. Click on either the "FBI Background Check" or the "Diploma" box or both if you plan to have both done together. In the "Special Instructions" box write, "I want a Washington D.C. sate-level apostille notarization that takes only a few days to receive." If you don't write this, then Monument will apply for the Department of State (federal-level) apostille which will take 4-6 weeks to obtain.

4. Fill out the other questions asked. Write for "S. Korea" and write "" for who recommended you.

5. Pay the extra $10 to receive a digital scan of your apostille notarized document emailed to you before they mail your original apostilled document to you. Click "No" on if you will be physically mailing any documents to them.

6. Upload your FBI CRC and or your scan of your BA degree.

7. Pay by credit card the $20 for the 2-3 business day expedited shipping to you in the USA or the International Shipping Fee if you will have the documents mailed to you or your school in Korea.

The total cost will be $85 and you will receive the digital scan of the apostilled document in 2-3 business days and the original document (in the USA) with the apostille notarization in 3-5 business days.

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