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How to obtain an apostille notarization in 2-3 business days (USA) for an FBI CRC or a BA diploma.

Updated: May 18, 2023

How to obtain an apostille notarization in 2-3 business days in the USA for an FBI CRC, BA diploma copy, or other documents.

If you are an American and need an apostille notarization for an FBI criminal record check (CRC), a copy of a BA degree, or another document (marriage license, TEFL certificate, etc.), to obtain an E2 teaching visa in S. Korea, go to US Authentication Services, located in Springfield Virginia near Washington DC. If you want an apostille on your documents in 2-3, business days, follow the steps below.

1. Fill out the application (download PDF here). Note: Each document costs $65 for the apostille.

US-Auth-Svcs-Order-Form-fillable (1)
Download PDF • 792KB

2. Request the "Washington D.C. sate-level apostille notarization.” The Washington, DC apostille only takes one day. If you don't write this, they will apply for the Department of State (federal-level) apostille, which will take 6-8 weeks to obtain.

3. Pay the extra $10 to receive digital scans of your apostille notarized document(s). I suggest paying the extra $10 because this could assist you in getting your visa up to a week or faster by being able to submit your documents to your school electronically before the physical documents arrive at the school. They will scan all of the documents for the $10 fee. Many schools are registered with immigration and can start the E2 visa application with scans of your documents before your physical documents arrive in Korea, saving a week on the visa processing time.

4. Pay the $35 to FedEx your original physical apostille notarized document(s) to you anywhere in the USA of $85 to FedEx your documents directly to your school. Pay the extra money for expedited shipping by FedEx because this could assist you in getting your visa faster and more securely since you can track your documents and this is safer than the US postal service.

In the example below, two documents (FBI CRC and a copy of diploma) have been requested to receive the Washington DC state-level apostille at $65 each for a sub-total of $130. In addition, a domestic FedEx delivery inside of the USA is $35, and scans of both documents are $10, for a total of $175.

In this example, only the FBI CRC is requested for the Washington DC state-level Apostille ($65) with FedEx domestic shipping ($35) and a scan of the apostilled document ($10) for a total of $110.

5. Complete the "Return Mailing Information" and the "Payment Information" to complete the form.

5. Email the completed PDF application and scans of your documents to be apostille notarized to US Authentication Services at Please also email me to let me know that you have applied for the apostille for your documents at so that I can follow up with them to ensure that you receive them in 2-3 days.

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