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List of FBI-Approved Channelers for Departmental Order Submissions

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

List of FBI-Approved Channelers for Departmental Order Submissions FBI-approved Channelers receive the fingerprint submission and relevant data, collect the associated fee(s), electronically forward the fingerprint submission with the necessary information to the CJIS Division for a national Identity History Summary check, and receive the electronic summary check result for dissemination to the individual. An FBI-approved Channeler simply helps expedite the delivery of Identity History Summary information on behalf of the FBI.

Accurate Biometrics (773) 685-5699

Biometrics4All, Inc. (714) 568-9888

Digital Trusted Identity Services, LLC (703) 797-2562

Fieldprint, Inc. (877) 614-4364

Idemia Identity & Security USA LLC (877) 783-4187

Inquiries Screening (877) 702-7107 National Background Check, Inc. (877) 932-2435

National Credit Reporting (800) 441-1661

STS SID LLC dba Sterling Identity (844) 787-3431 Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (800) 714-3557

TRP Associates, LLC dba ID Solutions (877) 885-1511

VetConnex (952)-595-5800

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