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Best Private School Jobs

Work with Expats who have lived & taught in Korea  [T.E.I.K.] was created to help college graduates find excellent teaching positions in S. Korea. We help place high-quality teachers in Korean public elementary schools & private English schools that have a track record of honoring their contracts and treating their teachers well. We at T.E.I.K.  strongly believe that happy teachers in Korea make happy Korean students, parents, and schools, so we take a hands-on approach in helping to facilitate the connecting of well-qualified English teachers with well-run schools in Korea. 



We at TEIK believe that when one of our teachers goes to Korea our job has only started, where most other recruiters feel that their job is over and it is a sink or swim approach for the teachers. We believe that we would be doing the teachers and the schools a disservice if we did not keep in contact periodically with the teachers to help ensure that they are transitioning well into Korean life and that they are excelling at their schools. We are N. Americans who have taught English/placed English teachers in Korea, since 1997. We will be straight up with you and we will help you through the whole process while giving you honest advice from someone who’s been there and done it with no cost to you.


If you look closely, most of the Ads you will see for teaching in Korea are run by Koreans, Korean schools, or Korean-owned companies who hire westerners and who care more about their schools than they do you. We on the other hand have a very different perspective than them.


We focus on the needs of our prospective teachers first and the needs of the school second. We will not place a teacher at a school just to earn a commission as some agencies do and we will be there for you even after you are placed, unlike most recruiters who feel that their job is finished when you get to Korea. We periodically check on our teachers throughout their placement, so as to monitor their experience and to ensure that the school is reputable so that we feel confident about placing another teacher there in the future.


Unique to is the sense of community with our teachers that we send to Korea. All of us at TEIK having spent a few too many years in Korea know personally that the hardest part of living overseas was being homesick and we realized that having a great social network outside of our home countries made one miss home so much less because one would be having too much fun with their extended group of friends that they would have while they were in Korea and that is why we organize social events for teachers we’ve placed as a way to increase the size of the teachers' social network and maximize the Korea experience. We also introduce our new TEIK teachers to our current teachers in Korea to help build up our new teacher's social networks and no other recruitment agency does this as a 'normal' part of the recruitment process.


While we were in Korea we saved a lot of money, traveled to many other Asian countries, and had an amazing time doing it and so can you. Even if you do not go to Korea through us, we hope that you do go because we have a huge amount of love for the country, the people, the students, and the food!


Just to reiterate: Our goal is to send quality teachers to quality schools, period. If you want to work with an honest N. American recruitment company that will continue working for you after you arrive in Korea, then would love the opportunity to work with you.


If you are not 100% certain that you feel that you would be a great candidate to teach English in Korea, then don't waste both of our time because we only want to work with caring and honest individuals who have an adventurous spirit, enjoy traveling, meeting new people, and who love teaching children.


We hope that you choose to go to Korea through us and have an amazing experience as we all did, you won’t regret it if you decide to go.


NOTE: Do not worry, we will help you through every step of the complicated visa process.


Best Regards,

Brad Brennan

Program Director/Owner

 $2000-$2500 mo. base pay + FREE HOUSING!!! +round trip air to Korea + 1 mo. pay bonus + 1/2 medical


Our Services

  • Visa Assistance/Counciling

  • Job Placement

  • Teacher Mentoring

  • TEFL Certification

  • Korea Job Placement Q&A



Quality Teaching



About Us

About Us-TEIK

TEIK is a one-stop comprehensive organization that is dedicated to assist educators, English teachers, and university graduates to find exciting, stable, and reliable teaching opportunities in mainland Korea. We pride ourselves on being a boutique expat owned and run recruiting agency that offers a very professional and highly personalized service to all educator candidates regardless of race, religion, age, or sexual orientation. We are a very moral company that always tries to keep to a high standard of always trying to provide the highest quality services to our teachers, right from their initial application, screening, interviewing, placement through to after arriving in Korea. We also strive to keep in contact with our alumni teachers to ensure that they are having a great experience and to get feedback on how we can improve as a company.


TEIK only work with reputable private schools (kindergarten+elementary and elementary+ MS/HS students) that meet and or exceed our extreemly high standards. We pride ourselves in having cultivated long relationships with our partner schools, school districts, and educational partners. We make it a point to always thoroughly inspect new partners and complete our due diligence when adding new schools or partners, as well as periodically during our partnerships to ensure that these partner schools and organizations continue to provide top-notch employment opportunities for all of our English teachers and educators.

For those who have or don’t have prior teaching experience in Korea, all of our placement coordinators provide a streamlined, quick and efficient process, by matching teachers to appropriate teaching positions that match the teacher’s qualifications, education, experience, and placement preferences. We also strive to always provide informative mentoring to teachers who are new to China on what to expect and how to be successful in their new host country and new employment opportunities.





Hey Brad,

It's definitely been an adjustment process, but I think we're done walking around with our mouths open amazed at our surroundings, and trying to recover from jetlag.  Thank you so much for this opportunity and for placing Phil and I!  The school has been treating us very well.  I'm in kindergarten and Phil is upstairs teaching the older kids. 

Since we have such different schedules they've agreed to put us in separate apartments, which is great for us.  Actually, the assistant director is taking us out to go shopping and then dinner tonight in Bucheon so we can get stocked on the lady.  The whole staff has been wonderful in showing us around and making sure we feel comfortable and at home. 

Talk soon bro!  Pat B, Bucheon

Patrick B.

Hi Yumi!  


The school is great! Everything is as good or better than I had hoped. I have lots of work to do and lots of things for me to learn, but the kids are so cute/great that it makes everything a pleasure! (Sometimes a headache-like pleasure, but I'm hoping I'll adjust to the noise level that seems to be the status quo around here). No pictures as of yet, but I could work on that if you'd really like them. Thanks again for all of your amazing help! I've been talking with my friend Tim, and he seems pretty excited about possibly teaching in China too! He really is a great guy and would make a brilliant teacher over here. I hope you find him someplace as nice as you found for me! The school is great. You're welcome to use anything I've said, of course. I've got the best set-up of anyone I've met here...which is, of course, why I recommended you so strongly to Tim.

Thanks again for your amazing help! 

Lucas P.

Hey Brad,

I had a general idea of what to expect when I chose to come to Korea to teach English, but the actual experience is far different from anything you could imagine. Whatever your goal in your stay, it can be easily accomplished, while gaining more that you might not realize until reflection.

I would highly recommend establishing what you want from your experience, listing what you need to make your stay the best possible, and utilizing agents like Brad and Max who have been there themselves, and are making themselves open to help you get the most out of your time abroad. Once you make the decision, I can guarantee it will not be one you will regret.

Also, don't forget to travel around and see as much as you can during you time in country!

Scott G.

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E2 Teaching Visa Info.


  • After we have your resume, TEIK application, and current photo (head-shot smiling), and if we are satisfied with your paperwork/resume we'll set up a Skype or Zoom video interview with one of our TEIK coordinators (all have previously taught English in Korea) to discuss your job preferences and available positions and it will be a chance for you to ask us questions as well. After the TEIK interview, we'll speak with our schools in Korea about you and send them your information for their review.

  • If the school is satisfied with your teacher profile they will want to have a Skype or Zoom video call interview. If you receive a job offer you can then review the offer then decide to either accept it and sign the contract. Then it would be on to securing the visa and setting up the flight arrangements. We (TEIK) charge no fees to help you find a job and we are just making an introduction to a school on your behalf. 

  • To qualify for an E2 teaching visa you must be a native English speaker from one of the 7 English-speaking countries and have graduated from a university in one of those countries (AUS, CAN, IRE, NZ, SA, USA, UK.

E2 Visa Application Process


  • After obtaining a job you need to overnight your documents to your school. You must send (FedEx/USPS) [1] school contract (3 signed copies), [2] passport photocopy (photo & signature page) [3] a notarized photocopy of the BA degree diploma with an original apostille notarization (or notarization by a Korean Consulate for Canadians)  [4] a clean national Criminal Record Check ((CRC)-FBI, RCMP, etc.)), [5] 4 passport photos, [6] visa application form (signed), and [7] health questionnaire.

    • How to apply for an FBI CRC (click here)​

    • How to apply for an RCMP CRC (here) How to get a DBS or BA degree copy apostille notarized in the UK (click here).

    • How to get an apostille notarization for your FBI CRC quickly (4-days) for Americans [ Visa] (here)

    • List of State Apostilles for notarizing your copy of diploma (Click here).


  • After your school receives your documents, they will apply to an immigration office in Korea and apply for your visa number. This takes 3-10 business days. After the visa number is issued you must complete the E2 visa at your nearest Korean Consulate.

1. Fill out the Visa Application form

  •  Search online to locate the Korean consulate in your country that is closest to you, and download their visa application form. Be sure to make multiple copies of the form before submitting it. Many applicants can use a one-page visa application form, intended for people with visa issuance confirmation. If your consulate tells you to use a different form instead, that’s OK, follow their instructions.

    • ​Visa Application Form Instructions:

    • Staple or glue a passport-style photo to the first page

    • #1.2. Full name, in Chinese/Korean characters. You can skip this!

    • For “National ID”, US applicants may use your Social Security Number

    • #3.6 Status of Stay (only on some versions of the form): write “E-2 visa”

2.Contact your Korean Consulate

  • Exact procedures vary, so please call and email the Korean Consulate in your jurisdiction to confirm instructions. You can also check the instructions on their website. You are applying for a Foreign Language Teacher Visa (E-2) and already have a Confirmation of Visa Issuance Number. Check for a list of documents you must submit, whether you must appear in person, whether to send your original passport or a photocopy and what mail carrier they use (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.).

  • Below is a list of documents that are typically required, but please check with your specific consulate to make sure you have everything you need: 

    • Passport (some consulates want the original, others want a photocopy)

    • Visa Application Form with Issuance Number (link above)

    • Money order or cash for the visa fee ($45 for US applicants)

    • Pre-paid return envelope (if sending original passport)

    • Consent to Quarantine Form (see an example from Chicago Consulate). Where it asks for “address in Korea”, use your school’s address and phone number (above). Print these and sign by hand.

    • Check with the consulate to confirm that COVID tests and doctor’s letters are no longer required for the visa (since they are now required to board flights to Korea).

3.Submit your Visa Application

  • Mail your application to the consulate (we recommend FedEx or UPS, to minimize the risk of lost/delayed mail). Make sure you get a tracking number. Expect 14 calendar days for the consulate to process your visa application.

  • NOTE: Korean Consulates no longer place a physical visa inside your passport, instead of relying on an electronic database. Click here for more info. Once it is issued, you can access your electronic visa online and print off a Confirmation of Visa Issuance document

4. Flight Arrangements

  • Once your visa is approved, our placement team will work with your school and a travel agent to find a suitable flight. If you’re in a hurry, you can call the consulate after five business days and ask when your visa will be approved, then forward this information to us so we can get a head start on flights. You will need to depart from the closest major international airport.

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