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How UK teachers finish an E2 teaching for S. Korea after receiving a VIN (visa issuance number).

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

After accepting a job at a private school in S. Korea, teachers then send their visa documents (visa document process click here for USA, UK, CAN, SA, AUS, and NZ) to the school. After the school receives the visa documents, they apply for the visa issuance number (VIN). Once the teachers from the UK receive their VIN, they need to finish the visa process. UK teachers can look at this PDF from KVAC on page 10 here:

1. Click the Visa application form (Form no.17-3) link, fill it out, sign, and date the application.

2. Include your physical passport (must have at least six months of validity).

3. Glue a current passport photo 2" x 2" (3.5 x 4.5cm) to the visa application.

4. Include your school address and phone number on a separate paper.

5. Print out your proof of payment for the Visa fee (180 EURO required), Service fee (60 EURO required), and Return service (15 EURO optional). The Korean government sets the current visa fees, which can be found by clicking: here. You can find out how to pay the visa fee by clicking here: (page 2 of the document).

6. Write the return receiver's name and mailing address (if you use the return service).

7. Fill out the KVAC consent form and T&C of use. On page two, write "London" for "I have the right to contact IOM in London."

Teachers can check their visa status by going to (you can change the language to English) and selecting "Check Application Status." Then selecting "Diplomatic Office" as the type of application. Then, enter your passport number, your name as it appears on the passport, and your date of birth, and then it will show you your visa status. You can download the visa file if the visa has been completed.

The processing time is approximately two weeks to receive the passport and visa back via the return service.

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