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Online Lesson Plan Resources!

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Online Lesson Plan Resources

Making a lesson plan can be a tricky task. You need a good balance of engaging, educational, and informative. Creating all that content on your own from scratch would be an incredibly difficult objective to complete.

Fortunately, there are many places across the internet which have tons of resources for teachers to use to help them build their lesson plans and ensure their lessons are being conducted with as much success as possible.

We’ve compiled a list of 7 websites which tutors can use for resources and ideas for amazing lesson plans.

Learn Hip is a compendium of useful activities, games, and other exercises for teachers to use to bolster their online language lessons. They have different worksheets, game ideas, and english language activities for you to use. In addition, for a lot of their activities and exercises, they give you the ability to upload your own content to match what you’re learning with your student. The best part, it is all free.

ESL Library is perhaps the most well-known resource provider for ESL teachers across the globe. They have hundreds of pages of content for teachers to use to make their lessons amazing. From digital worksheets and activities to physical, printable tools and resources, everything on ESL Library comes with a positive review. It is very hard not to justify paying the $7 a month which ESL Library asks for in order to access all their material.

ESL Printables is a website that is based on contributions by users. To have access to resources, you have to contribute your own. By submitting activities, lesson plans, worksheets, or any other ideas to the site, you are given points. Your points allow you access to a certain amount of resources to download. Once you’ve contributed enough, you are given near-unlimited access. While you have to put some work in, there are over 1,000,000 users on the site equally contributing to the content. With that much interaction there is a lot of quality material to choose from. It’s a fun and egalitarian way for teachers to make great lessons.

Similar to the others in this group, Busy Teacher is an ESL worksheet and activity aggregator which caters to beginner level lessons all the way up to advanced. Their content stretches from lessons for all different kinds: grammar, reading, pronunciation, vocabulary; pretty much any language target you have in your lesson plan, there will be something on this site which you could use in your lesson.

Party Town is useful because it creates pages for you to lesson plan. All you need to do is find the topic of your lesson for any specific day and it creates a page with an entire lesson. It will create conversation questions for you to use. It provides worksheets and quizzes for you to test them on their acquisition of the language target. It gives you ideas for games that you can use within your lessons or as a reward at the end. Party Town is a wonderful assistant for your lesson planning.

Using English is a tremendous forum of ESL resources. Based in the UK, it has pages for teachers to help supplement and create their lesson plans. There are lesson plans for all kinds of courses from basic conversation and phonics to highly specialized IELTS preparation courses. You can find an incredible wealth of resources here to make your lessons incredibly well-detailed to ensure success.

The British Council has compiled a tremendous collection of well-laid-out lesson plans, effective tools, and engaging activities for you to use in your lessons. Resources are scaffolded to be appropriate to age level and skill level within that age group. The resource pages are detailed so that you know the methodology for how to teach the topic. There are loads to look over and can help you get lessons ready for all ages, levels of ability, and learner types.

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